Waterproofing and Drainage

Hara Construction's waterproofing and drainage services are performed by Watershield Seattle our sister company. Watershield Seattle specializes in all aspects of basement and crawlspace waterproofing and drainage related issues.Their services include:

  • Seattle basement drainage system by Watershield SeattleBasement Services
    • Partial and full basement interior drainage 
    • Exterior footing drain systems to include: Wall coating, drain matting
    • Sump pumps and gravity discharge
    • Dehumidifier and fan systems


  • Crawlspace Services
    • Partial and complete water drainage systems
    • Sub-floor Insulation removal and replacement
    • Support post and beam repair
    • Rodent exclusions (sealing rodent entry points)
    • Vinyl and concrete encapsulation  
    • Duct insolation removal and replacement
    • HVAC duct system repair
    • Dehumidifier and fan systems



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