Top 5 Things to Ask Your Contractor About Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Seattle Homeowners

Hello Seattle! Hara Construction here to bring you a few tips when undertaking a new bathroom remodel in your home! Remodeling bathrooms in Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Capitol Hill, all the way to Beacon Hill, we have seen it all and with this series of blog posts, we are going to be diving into the different questions you should be asking yourself and your contractor before starting any bathroom remodel

As a Seattle homeowner, your bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that you have to use on a daily basis, and when transforming the utility place to a sanctuary, there are a few things you really should know ahead of time and we are going to create blog posts for each of the topic areas below.

Each blog post will go into more detail around the questions you should be asking your contractor as well as questions you should be asking yourself. The topics will be:


Bathroom Remodel Budget/Timing - Bathroom Remodels need to be on budget and be completed ON TIME. Some tips to ensure both.

Bathroom Remodel Unforeseen Issues - Their most likely be some unforeseen issues, how will your contractor react to these issues?

Going Green - Many of us want to do what is right for the environment, how can you "think green" when remodeling your bathroom?

DIY Bathroom Remodeling, Or Not - When is it the right time to call a local contractor? 

Choosing Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor - The questions you should be asking your Seattle contractor.    

Again, you are in control here. When deciding on the right contractor, a few things to keep in mind are: longevity in business, references on social media, family and friend referrals, and history of this type of repairs. You should be able to ask for any of these items from your contractor, and they should be able to supply it with no issue. Also to keep in mind: are they licensed, bonded, and insured?

So, Seattle, when you take your bathroom from blah to blissful, make sure that you have a contractor that works with you and makes you feel comfortable. Here at Hara Construction, we pride ourselves on over eleven years of service in the industry, with many different remodeling projects. Take back your sanctuary, and enjoy your peaceful space that you created. Blog posts are coming soon and of course at any time connect with Hara Construction for a no pressure free estimate.