Seattle Kitchen Remodel Tip #1: Appliances

Capital Hill Seattle Kitchen RemodelSure, having brand new appliances is on most Seattle homeowners remodeling lists. We all would all love to upgrade our appliances to the nicest, commercial grade equipment. However, if budget is an issue and you have no idea how to use a commercial grade appliances, stick with what you currently have and design your kitchen around the appliances you currently have. 

Your appliances are a very visible upgrade, but they can also be extremely pricey. Remember, a more expensive stove doesn't necessarily do a better job than a regular stove. If you do have an idea about what appliances you want to get in the future, make the builder aware of it, so they can remodel your kitchen with the future in mind.

If upgrading appliances are part of your kitchen remodel, it is a good idea to have them picked out first before the kitchen remodel happens. Hara Construction has worked with a number of appliance vendors and have an extensive list of top appliance manufactures. Buy doing your research up front, you can eliminate headaches later in the kitchen remodel process.

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