Queen Anne Seattle Remodels

The Seattle Queen Anne area is beautiful. One of Queen Anne's redeeming qualities are the variety in the styles of the homes. Remodeling a home in Queen Anne has it challenges whether it is the actual space issues one has when trying to do any major remodeling, parking, noise... we have seen it all. Hara Construction has completed many different remodels in the Queen Anne area and we love working with the local home owner to work through their remodels. 

Here are some images of some great Queen Anne houses:

The Queen Anne Neighborhood Blog: http://www.queenanneview.com/   

What are most people in Queen Anne remodeling these days? No doubt, it is bathrooms and kitchens. These two remodeling projects take the most time and effort, but reap the largest financial and physical rewards. There is nothing like seeing that new kitchen when rounding the corner. Priceless.

Noise considerations -- We suggest holding off on construction until at lest 8am in the morning. Weekends we like to wait until 9am. However, there are some tasks that are not very noisy. We are very considerate of our Queen Anne neighbors.

A consideration when remodeling your kitchen is that it will be unavailable during most of the construction. It is important to ask your contractor, whomever you choose to give a realistic time frame regarding when you will be able to use your kitchen again. Having a bathroom remodeled is not a huge issue most of the time as most homes on Queen Anne have two bathrooms.