Outdoor Living Spaces

Scenery Makes the Space

As part of our exterior remodeling services, our carpenters and deck builders can provide you with high quality custom designed decks, fences, porches, cabanas, wood awnings, and a variety of other outdoor features. If you can't see your yard, then what's the point? Add some lighting features, such as lanterns, flood lights, or small spotlights that can highlight your hard work.

Deck Building

A well thought-out deck design for your home is a wise investment when considering home improvement projects and ways to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. Decks are a great way to begin improving your outdoor entertainment experiences, as they are the foundations for providing you with a perfect place to relax or to act as the platform for your outdoor kitchen designing project.


If you want a hideaway, there is no better way to gain some privacy than by erecting a fence. You may want to check with your homeowner's association to see what is acceptable since there are lots of options out there. And though you may think fences seem unfriendly, as the old saying goes: good fences make good neighbors. From traditional styles to custom designs, new builds to remodeling, we can help you determine the best solution for your fencing home improvement project. Whether you are looking to invest in an elaborate entry way gate and fence design or would like to install a privacy fencing that surrounds your backyard, we will work with you to decide on the style and materials that are best suited for you. 

Stone Walkways

Gardens and rock beds are sure to please the eye, but by adding some paver-stone pathways throughout your landscape you now have a practical (yet charming) walkway. Stone walkways not only beautify your yard but also add solidity to walking paths with long-lasting practical use. Stone walkways and patios add character and definition to an exterior space. The new rising fame of landscaping with natural stone is due to the fact that these stones are classic, durable, and match the natural beauty of the outdoors easily. Stone tiles and stone or brick pavers can be used to create both formal and informal landscape designs.  Being a product of nature, stone flawlessly matches features found in the natural outdoor landscape and gardens.   We will help design a stone walkway or patio with careful thought on placement so that it best captures your style while catering too your desires.